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If possible, it’s always better to repair a garage door vs. installing a new one. Repair costs are generally much lower than a new installation. However, if that’s not possible, new garage door installations are well worth the investment.

Garages add to your curb appeal and resale value. They also help keep your home safe and secure from unauthorized visitors and various weather conditions. Working with a professional garage door company ensures your garage doors are installed correctly.

Working with a professional company also has other advantages. First, they know garage doors in and out and can help you choose the best style and material for your home. Second, a professional service comes with a warranty. And finally, you’ll have peace of mind knowing an expert installed or repaired the garage door



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Check Out Our Smyrna Garage Doors

Are you searching for a reliable garage door installation and repair service in Smyrna, Georgia? Look no further than Perimeter, where we offer an extensive range of garage doors in various colors and styles. We partner with top-quality garage door manufacturers to ensure our clients receive exceptional design and dependability. Our services encompass all types of garage doors, from workshop garage doors to shed doors, and more. Check out some of our most popular garage door models in the before and after pictures below.

Selecting the Best Garage Door Styles in Smyrna, GA

Choosing the best garage door style is an important part of the process! There are many styles available, such as:

Glass garage doors
Roll-up garage doors
Wayne Dalton garage doors
Wooden garage doors
Metal garage doors
Aluminum garage doors
Fiberglass garage doors
Steel garage doors

The best style will depend on your home or business’s design. Garages often boost curb appeal on properties, so you want to make sure the garage material you choose fits your overall home or business design and feel.

Important Considerations Before Garage Door Installation or Repair in Smyrna, GA:

Before you get a new garage door installed, there are a few considerations and questions to ask the company you choose. These include:

1.  How much will the installation or repair cost?
2.  What type of warranty is included?
3.  What are my options for paying for this?
4.  How many panels and what style do I need?
5.  What color choices are there? Can I change my mind later in the process?
6.  Does the door come with an opener? Do I need an opener if not?
7.  What are the specifics of the chosen garage door? What are the benefits of 
it compared to other styles/brands?
8.  Is there any other details, fees, or information I should be aware of before making a decision?

It’s also a must for you to consider your local climate, security features you want, and customizations you would like to include. If you have a homeowner’s association, you should review the HOA guidelines before starting the process.

Experienced Team of Garage Door Professionals in Smyrna, GA

Perimeter Garage Doors has been delivering exceptional garage door inst Smyrna and Atlanta west perimeter region since 2011. Initially established as a family-owned business, we take immense pride in catering to the needs of our local community. Our commitment to quality has earned us a strong reputation for reliability and excellence throughout Georgia. To ensure the utmost convenience and safety for our clients, we leverage modern technologies like SMS updates for arrival times and providing photos of our technicians on the job.

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How Much Does a New Garage Door in Smyrna, GA, Cost?

At Perimeter, we understand that various factors, such as size, design, and material, can impact the cost of a garage door. However, we are pleased to offer Smyrna, GA, the most affordable rates in the area, along with financing options to help you manage your expenses. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for further information on pricing and payment plans.

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Smyrna, GA Customer Reviews

Dean B.

Satisfied Customer

"Loved the courteous technicians, they communicated and texted when they were coming out as well as a text upon completion of the job. The entire team from the office to the installers are top notch! I most assuredly will be referring to all family friends and business associates."

Tika C.

5-Star Rated Garage Door Company

"Fast, friendly and got the job done for an awesome price! Highly recommended. Devan, you are amazing!"

Robert A.

5-Star Rated Garage Door Company

"Perimeter was absolutely great! Returned my call immediately. They showed up when they said they would. On top of everything very fair pricing."

Karen P.

5-Star Rated Garage Door Company

"These guys do AMAZING work! Great work ethic didn't stop till it was perfect! Highly recommend this company they went over and beyond! Thank you!"

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Types of Garage Door Repairs Offered in Smyrna, GA

Doors Won’t Close Correctly 

Misaligned doors cause a lot of issues with closing. The tracks used to move garage doors can become damaged or fall out of place, causing your door to not open correctly. We offer repair or replacement of these tracks to keep your garage doors opening and closing smoothly. 

Broken or Dated Springs 

Broken or outdated springs impact your garage door’s ability to open and close. Sometimes, people are nearby when the spring breaks and hear a firecracker-like pop. Other times, they recognize the spring hanging down from the garage door. Perimeter Garage doors repairs or replaces springs to keep your garage door operational. 

Worn Bearings or Rollers 

A worn bearing or roller can impact the performance of a garage door. Over time, these become worn down or damaged due to dirt, debris, or other contaminants. Perimeter Garage Doors repairs this to keep your garage secure and working correctly. 

Obstructed Sensors 

Most garage doors have sensors in place to keep them from closing on people or animals. Sometimes, these sensors become obstructed. If this happens, it’s important you call a professional to maintain your garage’s safety. 

Opener Issues 

Occasionally, garage door issues may actually be an opener issue. Openers often have dead batteries or transmitter issues that prevent them from operating your garage doors. Perimeter is knowledgeable in these issues and can easily resolve opener problems. 


FAQs About Garage Door Repairs in Smyrna, GA

Many customers have lots of questions about repairing or installing new garage doors. So, we’ve created a list of FAQs with the most popular questions and answers for you below:

How Much Do Garage Doors Cost in Smyrna, GA?

There are a variety of factors that go into the cost of a garage door repair or installation. The type of materials used, the complexity of the repair or installation, and various fees are all considerations. If you are interested in learning more about how much the investment is, call us at 770-809-9793 and we can discuss your options.

What Garage Door Repair Services Do You Offer in Smyrna, GA?

Perimeter Garage Doors in Smyrna, GA, offers full-service garage door repairs. Whether you need a new door, have a rusty spring, or a broken bearing, we can assist. Our team of professionals is experienced with all brands.

Why Should I Hire Perimeter Garage Doors in Smyrna, GA?

The team at Perimeter Garage Doors in Smyrna, GA, has your safety and satisfaction is our priority. We offer a range of material options to meet your needs. Our services and parts are covered under warranties. We also offer maintenance plans so you can keep your new garage doors working properly for years to come!

Do I Need a Garage Inspection in Smyrna, GA?

It’s a good idea to have your garage inspected regularly. This is often done during an annual maintenance check. Regular inspections keep your garage door operating smoothly and safely. You can also prolong the life of your garage with regular maintenance.

If you notice an issue with your garage door, such as an usual sound or issues with opening or closing, you should call a professional as soon as possible to check it out. Perimeter Garage Doors are available for your inspection needs! Call us at 770-809-9793 to get started.

How Do I Choose a Trustworthy Company in Smyrna, GA?

It is difficult to find a trustworthy company at times. That’s why Perimeter is proud of the reputation we have built across the state of Georgia for our professional services. Before selecting a garage door company, you should ask for referrals, read reviews, and meet with the technician to determine if it’s a good fit. Our team would love to speak to you, so contact us today!

Why Choose Perimeter Garage Doors in Smyrna, GA: 

As your local family-owned and operated garage door company, Perimeter Garage Doors has been serving people across Georgia since 2011. There are many benefits of working with our company, including the following: 

Professionalism and Accuracy 

We apply a customer-first approach to each transaction. Your satisfaction is our priority. We’re an integral part of the community and are known for our high-quality, professional work. We are primarily a father-son duo, but also employ extremely professional technicians to assist with your garage door installation and repair needs. 

We utilize a variety of technologies to make your experience a breeze. By using technologies to update customers of their technician and arrival times, we ensure we maintain high levels of security and safety. We understand how important it is to vet who comes into your home, so we make it easy to recognize our team. 

Several Financing Options 

We know investing in a new garage door or repairing your existing one is sometimes more than people can do at the moment. Your safety is important, so we provide a variety of payment options for our customers. If you would like to make monthly payments, you can apply for financing through Wisestack and choose from several terms. We also offer coupons and can assist with filing insurance claims for garage repairs. 

Award-Winning Company 

In 2022, our customers voted us as the Best of Georgia with the Georgia Business Journal for the garage door contractors category. We are honored our customers voted for us and are dedicated to continuing providing high-quality, exceptional garage door services in Smyrna and throughout Georgia. 

Get Started Today With Perimeter Garage Doors in Smyrna, GA!

Now you understand the ins and outs of installing or repairing garage doors in Smyrna, GA. We hope you have a clearer picture about the steps needed to get high-quality garage doors. If you are ready to install a new door or replace your existing, Perimeter Garage Doors is ready to help. 

Our team of qualified professionals has the expertise and skills needed to install sturdy, well-made garage doors. Contact us today to learn more or get started! 

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