Solar Powered Gate Openers in Carrollton, GA

If you’re looking for solar-powered gate openers in Carrollton, GA, you’re in the right place! At Perimeter Garage Doors, we help customers with garage door repair, installation, and opener needs. Contact us to get started or keep reading to learn more.

Did you know the average US citizen can save $1,500 annually on electricity by switching to solar-powered options? Of course, for many, this isn’t an option. That’s why many people start small and make changes where they can, such as a solar gate opener. The little changes over time create a big impact!

What Are Solar-Powered Automatic Gate Openers in Carrollton, GA?

A solar-powered gate opener is an eco-friendly, sustainable solution many homeowners choose. Powered by solar electricity, this type of gate opener harnesses the sun to manage the opening and closing of your grate. It is an automatic gate that generates energy through solar panels.

Considerations When Buying a Solar-Powered Gate Opener in Carrollton, GA:

A perfect gate opener should preserve and store energy throughout the day. A gate opener that minimizes energy depletion tends to have longer lifespans. When selecting a gate opener, it’s essential you consider the type of gate you have.

A heavy door will need an opener that has more energy capacity than a light one. You should know the height, weight, and the type of door you have before looking for a solar-powered door opener.

Advantages of Solar-Powered Gate Openers in Carrollton, GA:

If you’re not convinced yet, we pulled together the benefits of a solar-powered gate opener. Read more below:

Renewable energy sources are incredibly beneficial for the environment. Not only does a solar-powered gate opener save on costs and energy, but they also reduce someone’s carbon footprint. Solar-powered gate openers are trendy, popular, and eco-friendly? What are you waiting for?

Electric gates work through electricity. If the power goes out due to a storm, an electric gate opener would also not function. This is not true with solar-powered gate openers! Since they are powered by the sun, they will work even in power outages.

An automatic gate opener is a great addition to any property. In fact, it will increase your property value! Gates are considered an enhancement and a security feature, both of which impact the value of your home.

While the initial installation may cost money, the savings over the long run are well worth it! You’ll see energy savings month after month.

Remember how a solar-powered gate opener works during power outages? No electricity costs for it also means a lower power bill! Everyone loves to save money, so why not help the environment and your wallet with a solar gate opener?

A gate on your property gives you security and privacy. A locking gate that is only accessed through a remote or keypad boosts the security and privacy twofold. Solar-powered gates only open when provided the passcode, so everyone doesn’t have access to your property.

The US government offers tax incentives for citizens that install solar energy solutions. This is to help encourage citizens to make more environmentally conscious decisions.

Solar-Powered Electric Gate Openers: FAQs in Carrollton, GA

Many customers have similar questions about solar-powered gate openers in Carrollton, GA. We’ve comprised this FAQ list with the answers for you below:

How Well Do Solar-Powered Gate Openers Work in Carrollton, GA?

Most solar-powered gate openers work for 8-10 opens a day. Of course, this varies on a few factors, such as the grid level, type of gate opener, and overall gate style. If you are uncertain about a solar-powered gate opener and want more information, Perimeter Garage Doors is happy to answer your questions. Call us at 678-990-8922 to learn more.

Do Solar-Powered Gate Openers Work at Night in Carrollton, GA?

In short, yes. With solar-powered devices, the sunlight charges the device so it will work during non-sunlight hours. Unless the panel uses all the stored power, a solar gate opener should work fine at night, just like an electric one.

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last in Carrollton, GA?

The typical lifespan of a solar battery is between 10 and 15 years. Of course, maintenance, brand, and usage play into the longevity of the device. The lifespan also depends on the type of battery. Contact Perimeter to learn more about our solar-powered battery options and specifications.

How Do Solar-Powered Gate Openers Work in Carrollton, GA?

A solar panel is installed near the gate, which then converts sunlight into energy. The panel then sends electricity to the gate to operate, such as opening or closing. Excess energy is stored within the solar battery. The batter is used when the panel is out of power, such as at night.

Solar gate openers are triggered via a sensor, remote, or keypad. They work the same as automatic gates but with a solar panel.

Do I Need a Solar-Powered Gate Opener in Carrollton, GA?

Well, no, you probably don’t need one. However, solar-powered gate openers are becoming more popular. Energy-efficient solutions are on the rise across all industries. Choosing an eco-friendly gate opener option is the preferred choice of many customers.

It has many advantages (we’ve outlined those above) and is a great option that works the same as traditional openers. If you’re still on the fence, we’d love to have a discussion with you about your concerns. Contact us today!

Is Using a Solar-Powered Gate Opener Safe in Carrollton, GA?

Yes, a solar-powered gate opener is as safe as an electrical one. Each gate opener has the same type of sensors to detect motion and stop movement. When choosing a gate opener, you must choose one that has an emergency release option. If you are in an area where weather is iffy and you have concerns about powering the solar panels, a back-up, mechanical opening system is always an option.

Why Perimeter for Automatic Gate Openers, Solar-Powered Solutions in Carrollton, GA?

Perimeter Garage Doors is a local, family-owned business with a solid reputation for high-quality services in Carrollton, GA. Perimeter offers garage door repair, installation, maintenance, and opener services. Read more about the advantages of hiring us below:

Family-Owned Business

Launched in 2011, Perimeter Garage Doors has served Carrollton, GA, and surrounding areas for over a decade. We have built a positive reputation in the community for our high-quality, caring services. Our customers come first at Perimeter Garage Doors.

Financing Options and Coupons

We know many garage door improvements can become a big investment, that’s why we offer financing options for eligible customers. If your project is more than your budget can handle, check out our partnership with Wisetack and learn more about if this is an option for you.

We also offer coupons to help offset the prices of some services. Check out our coupons page for more information.

Customer-Focused Approach

Perimeter Garage Doors embraces a customer-focused approach. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority. We strive to create warm, safe, and confident interactions with our customers every time. We utilize current technologies to alert customers of upcoming appointments to help create a safe situation.

Award-Winning Service Delivery

For two years in a row (2022 and 2023), Perimeter Garage Doors was named The Best Garage Door Contractors in Georgia by the Georgia Business Journal. We are honored our customers are happy with our business contributions and are eager to serve the area for years to come.

Garage Door Experts

At Perimeter Garage Doors, we have years of expertise in garage doors. We offer a range of services, including the following:


Need a garage door installed on your new property or existing home? We can help! Perimeter installs all types of garage doors, including steel, carriage-style, modern glass, walk-thru, and real wood.


Is your garage door acting funny? No worries, Perimeter can help with that. We repair all types of garage doors. We know how important it is for clients to save as much money as possible, so we look at the most cost-effective solutions to your repair needs.

Security Door Installation: 

We also install security doors in commercial buildings. Safety is of the utmost importance in today’s world. We understand this and offer security door installation services to help our customers feel safe.

Garage Door Openers:

What’s a garage door without a cool opener? Perimeter Garage Doors can install a new door opener or repair your existing one. Keep your doors opening smoothly with a functional opener!

Call Perimeter for Your Solar-Powered Gate Opener Needs in Carrollton, GA!

Perimeter Garage Doors is your place for solar-powered gate openers in Carrollton, GA. Our team of qualified, knowledgeable technicians is available to help you pick the best model for your home. Contact us today to get started with your solar gate openers in Carrollton, GA!

French Doors for Garages in West Georgia

Are You Interested in French Doors for Your Garage?

Garage doors are a popular addition to many homes and businesses. In fact, the industry generated over $300 million in revenue in 2022. One particular style is called French doors, which create a lot of value and add style to any home. More and more people are upgrading their existing garage doors into French doors. 

If you are considering adding French doors to your garage, there are a few things to think about first. If you want to learn more about how Perimeter Garage Doors can help install your new French doors, contact us at 770-809-9793. Keep reading if you want to learn more about this popular style of garage doors! 

What Are Garage French Doors? 

French doors are double doors at the opening of a garage. Many garages use automatic, single doors to enclose the space. French doors are a bit more modern, offering more light and several options for opening. Some are installed on hinges while others work with a motor like the standard garage door. 

French doors often combine authentic French style with natural materials and modern styles. Only 11% of garage owners are happy with their current style. So, if you are unhappy, what are you waiting for? Maybe French doors can revitalize your home! 

Benefits of French Garage Doors: 

There are many benefits of installing garage doors. Not only are many people much happier with the style, but it also offers significant benefits to the value of their homes. Read more about the advantages of French garage doors below: 

Increase Home Value 

New garage doors instantly increase a home’s value. Then, when you add in security features, materials used, etc., you can add even more value. French doors often offer energy savings, another positive for increased value. Every little bit helps, right? 

Boost Curb Appeal 

Curb appeal is a must with homeownership. Especially if you plan to rent or sell the home in the future. Curb appeal is the first impression on new visitors, passersby, and neighbors. Improving curb appeal can also benefit your personal mental health and well-being while helping to create a more aesthetic look. French doors help to improve your home’s curb appeal! 

Better Security 

French doors are often made with impact-resistant glass and high-quality locking mechanisms. New garage doors have a variety of security features to prevent break-ins. If you are concerned about French doors not having the appropriate security features, please reach out to us and schedule a call to discuss how we keep our customers safe with this stylish garage door. 

More Light 

French garage doors add tons of natural light to your space. Natural light is a great benefit for most homeowners and often reduces energy bills. Some of the benefits of natural light include more productivity, improved moods, and reduced fatigue. 

Should I Get Annual Maintenance for My French Garage Doors? 

In short, yes, we recommend all garage doors undergo annual maintenance. This is especially important for new installations because defects or issues are detected early and may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Read more about the reasons we recommend annual garage door maintenance below: 

Increase Lifespan of the French Doors 

A well-maintained garage door lasts longer than one without regular maintenance. Annual maintenance ensures all functionalities are working properly and replaces any worn materials, prolonging the life of the French doors. 

Identify Issues Early On 

Identifying severe or costly issues early on can save homeowners thousands of dollars and a lot of stress. Regular maintenance includes evaluating all aspects of your French doors, allowing you to know of any potential issues so you can swiftly resolve them. 

This not only saves on costs, but it also helps prolong the life of the French doors and long-term costs of having a garage. Identifying issues early also prevents homeowners from dealing with the fallout of a French door that doesn’t work properly.

Ensure Safety 

French doors that are not working properly can be a safety hazard. Depending on the type of French doors you choose, this could mean easier break-ins or faulty doors that could catch someone’s fingers. Regular maintenance helps homeowners find these issues quickly to ensure continued safety of their garages and homes. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install French Doors? 

Many factors impact the cost of French door installation. The materials used, the size of the garage, and any added features are all considerations when determining the price. At Perimeter Garage Doors, we understand new garage door installation is an investment. We offer coupons to help offset the price. 

We encourage you to reach out to our team to schedule a consultation to determine a more accurate quote for new French doors at your home or business. 

Should You Replace a Garage Door With French Doors? 

French doors are a great style and many homeowners like the look it gives their garage. However, there are many styles and options for garage doors available, so you may or may not want to replace your garage doors with French doors. 

To determine the best option for your home, we suggest you speak with one of our talented technicians about garage door styles and materials for your home. Each home is unique and varies in size, so it’s best to speak to a professional before making a final decision. 

French Doors Options for Your Garage

Most French doors are customized for the garage they are joining. This means homeowners can choose the materials, design, and color when deciding the best option for them. There are two specific considerations when choosing French doors to think about…sitelite windows or no sidelite windows? 

With Sidelite Windows 

Wide garage door openings are a great option for adding sidelite windows. This adds more light and support for your new French garage doors. 

Without Sidelite Windows 

More narrow garage door openings typically do not have sidelite windows. There simply isn’t enough room. These French doors still create an elegant look for your garage! 

Why Choose Perimeter Garage Doors to Convert Your Garage Door to a French Door? 

You’re probably wondering why Perimeter Garage Doors is the best company around. We’re happy to explain our values and what makes us stand out among competitors! 

As a family-owned and operated business, we know the importance of connection. We forge strong, trusting relationships with each client to make them feel comfortable and satisfied with our services. Read more about us below: 

Years of Experience 

Perimeter Garage Doors opened in 2011. We started as a father-son duo and expanded to include additional technicians as demand grew. We have built a solid reputation across Georgia for providing outstanding garage door repair and installation services. 

In 2022, Perimeter Garage Doors was voted The Best of Georgia for the garage door contractors category. We are honored to serve the community and are eager to do so for many years to come. 

Customer-First, Safety-Focused Mindset 

We care about our customers at Perimeter Garage Doors. Without them, we wouldn’t be here! We don’t stop at installing or repairing for clients; we are always available should any issues arise. The community knows Perimeter Garage Doors for our high-quality work and safety-first approach. 

Perimeter utilizes the most current technologies to streamline our systems. We ensure customers feel safe every step of the way. Before your appointment, we send a text update with photos of the technician coming to serve you. This ensures our clients feel comfortable with each interaction. 

Financing and Coupons Available 

Replacing or installing new garage doors is an investment in your home or business. At Perimeter, we understand that sometimes, this investment is hard on the wallet. This is why we have financing and coupons available. 

We’ve partnered with Wisetack to offer eligible customers financing of up to $25,000. To see if you qualify, visit our website and start your application. We’ll take it from there and let you know the next steps! 

For some garage door services, home insurance may pay a portion. We have the expertise needed to help clients file claims with their home insurance to maximize their benefits. 

A Variety of Services Are Offered

At Perimeter Garage Doors, we offer a variety of services for residential and commercial clients. These include: 

We are garage door experts! Our team of technicians is ready to help you with your garage door needs. Reach out today to get started. 

Get Started With French Doors Today

Are you ready to replace your existing doors with French doors? You’re in the right place. At Perimeter Garage Doors, we combine our years of experience with our dedication to customer service to deliver outstanding experiences for each client. We can’t wait to help you, too! 

Perimeter Garage Doors has years of expertise in all garage door types, materials, and sizes. We are happy to help you determine the best fit for your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started. We are excited to work with you!