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Perimeter Garage Doors provides high-quality garage doors for any home or business. Our wide selection of garage doors allows you to find the perfect style for your home or business to add to its curb appeal.

Having a personalised garage door also means you may have one that is the perfect size and shape for your garage. Perimeter Garage Doors will assist you in selecting the best garage door for your Carrollton, GA home or workplace.

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We've been installing and repairing high-quality wooden garage doors, vinyl garage doors, glass garage doors, and other garage doors since 2011. We've earned a strong reputation as the best in the business. Steel and overhead garage doors are also available, making it simple to pick a style that meets your needs.

Here's some of our best garage door styles in Carrollton, GA:

Family Owned and Operated Garage Door Business in Carrollton

Providing top-quality service for Carroll County residents since 2011, Perimeter Garage Doors is the leading garage door provider in the region. We are a father and son partnership that provides high-quality installation and repair of garage doors in our community. We are well-known for our quality service throughout Georgia.

The most modern technology is used, such as a photo of the technician and text updates when the technician will arrive. This is to ensure a pleasant and safe client experience.

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How Much Does a New Garage Door in Carrollton, GA, Cost?

Carrollton garage doors are priced according to their type, material, size, style, and other factors. Our good news is that Perimeter offers the lowest pricing in town. We can also arrange garage door financing for you, so that you can break down the cost into manageable monthly payments. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

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Satisfied Customers in Carrollton

Kristina C.

Satisfied Customer

"On time, professional, outstanding service. I can not say enough about the excellent service we received from Perimeter. I got a quote on Wednesday and garage doors installed on Thursday. Could not ask for better service. Thank you so much!"

Tika L.

5-Star Rated Garage Door Company

"Fast, friendly and got the job done for an awesome price! Highly recommended. Devan, you are amazing!"

Tina C.

5-Star Rated Garage Door Company

"Perimeter went above and beyond for us. They took last minute request and found exactly what we were looking for. They were very good at communicating with us and did a fantastic job with our garage door!"

Cheryl T.

5-Star Rated Garage Door Company

"Excellent work! New door installed quickly without breaking the bank. Professional service."

Common Questions About Carrollton Garage Doors

What are the Common Garage Door Sizes in Carrollton?

Garage doors come in many different shapes and sizes. Residential and commercial garage doors are quite different and come in unique sizes.

Single garage doors are typically 8 x 7 feet, 9 x 7 feet or 10 x 7 feet. Double garage doors usually run 12 x 7 feet, 14 x 7 feet or 16 x 7 feet. Commercial garage doors can run anywhere from 8 feet up to 32 feet.

Perimeter repairs and installs any size of residental garage doors. However, we only install up to size 12 x 12 feet for commercial garage doors.

What Type of Garage Door Repairs are Available in Carrollton, GA?

At Perimeter Garage Doors, our outstanding customer service does not end with the installation. We also offer the following premium repair services:

  -  Garage Door Maintenance
  -  Repair for Garage Door Openers
  -  Cable Replacement for Garage Doors
  -  Repairing Garage Door Tracks
  -  Repairing Garage Door Rollers
  -  Repairing Garage Door Springs

Our special service guarantee demonstrates our commitment to our customers and our work. Although our experts will go over every element of your new garage door with you during installation, we are always ready to answer any extra questions you may have.

Why Should I Upgrade My Garage Door in Carrollton?

In evaluating a property's value, curb appeal plays a major role. The garage door could be outdated, damaged, or in need of replacement for another reason. It may be time to up-grade if it detracts from your property's beauty.

Your garage is the first thing visitors notice when they arrive at your home or business. When you sell the property, you may even see a return on your investment when you improve the garage door. When you replace your garage door, your home will be more secure, look better, and have better energy efficiency.

What to Consider When Upgrading My Garage Door In Carrollton, GA

Is your garage door outdated, unsafe, or costing you more for maintenance than a new door would? Deciding to upgrade your home or commercial garage door can be a big deal. Before committing, you'll want to know as much as possible about the upgrade and installation process. What type of door will benefit you the most? What will look the best on your home or business? What maintenance can you do to make it last longer? Perimeter Garage Doors in Carrollton, GA, has the answers and expertise to help you make the best choice for your door replacement. Please take a look at some of the most common questions our new customers have when they start shopping around for a new garage door.

How much will my garage door upgrade cost?

Many factors determine how much you will spend on replacing a damaged or outdated garage door. Most of it comes down to the equipment needed, the type of door you choose, and the labor to get the job done right. 

If you purchase garage door equipment ahead of time to save on additional costs, we suggest speaking to a professional before purchasing because it may cost you more money in the long run. Many of the garage doors that you can buy at the Big Box stores may be inferior quality or may not be the right fit for your garage. You might also ask the company you plan to hire if they are willing to work with materials they did not order. An experienced sales rep or garage door repair person will know more about what is required to meet your needs. They can also make product suggestions that serve your purpose and, in most cases, offer better prices on their products. 

What Type Of Garage Door Material Should I Choose?

There is a wide variety of garage doors, from wood to metal, to fiberglass, or even glass. It's probably the most obvious question, but how do you choose from so many types of materials, features, and motors? Consulting an expert is always advised, like the ones at Perimeter Garage Doors in Carrollton, GA. Someone that sells or installs these on the regular will be able to point you in the right direction for the look and function that you are looking for. 

Is your garage door energy-efficient?

One significant factor you should consider is if the door you choose is energy-efficient. Can it save you money, or will it cost you more each month with increased heating and cooling bills? If you don't have a garage door that is properly insulated, you could be letting unwanted cool or warm air pass through the garage and into your home. Improper insulation will result in increased utility bills and other possible expenses. To avoid the headache, the help of a professional that knows what issues you could potentially face can save you money for years to come. There will be a couple of things that make the difference in the type of door you need for it to maintain the temperature in your garage efficiently. Arguably, the most crucial factor to consider is the R-value. 

What does garage door R-Value mean?

R-value refers to a product's ability to resist heat, which is essential in Georgia's hot summers. This measurement commonly refers to whether the door has a low or high "quality" of heat resistance. The R-value is determined by the amount of insulation the door has and the materials used to build it. When shopping for a replacement garage door, you may want to take note of the door's ability to insulate and protect your garage from the outside climate. 

Is your garage attached or detached from your home? 

Whether your garage is attached to your home matters for your garage door needs, also so you can budget accordingly. If your garage is attached to your home, then it will benefit you to select a door that has a higher R-value so that it better insulates the garage and prevents unwanted hot or cold airflow. On the other hand, a garage door with a lower R-value may be ok to use on a garage that is NOT attached to your home unless there is living space within the garage. The decision primarily depends on your preferences as the homeowner and what intentions you have for using the garage.

How Long Will My New Garage Door Last?

A new garage door is an investment, so it is always best to know how long that investment will last. Research shows that the lifespan of a garage door is between fifteen (15) and thirty (30) years, with the average being twenty (20) years. So instead of constantly scheduling repair calls or not using your garage door, try some of the following DIY Garage Door Tips to help make your door last longer.

Maintain the exterior material

Depending on the material your garage door is made from, you'll need to take a slightly different approach to cleaning and maintaining it. For example, if your selection is made with wood panels, it's best to check for warps or cracks in the material. Look for signs that it needs to be repainted, restained, or have a coat of sealer applied to protect it from exposure to the elements. You should check vinyl and aluminum doors for damage such as dents and cracks. Depending on the severity of the damage, if there is any, you may need your door repaired or replaced. If it is reparable, call an expert to help you fix it as soon as possible. Steel doors are usually more low-maintenance and only require a coat of paint or sanding if there is rust on the door. 

Inspect your door regularly

It is a good idea to regularly inspect all garage door parts to ensure they are functioning correctly or to determine if they need to be replaced. We recommend at least performing a monthly inspection yourself. Checking things like remote function, tracks, rollers, and seals prevent you from having costly repair visits on short notice. You'll be able to plan better for your future repair costs and get a lot more from your garage door in the meantime. 

Schedule routine maintenance

Having a professional inspect your door annually can reduce the chances you will have to call them when something has gone wrong. If you want to look into a yearly program to save on the cost of your inspections, Perimeter Garage Doors in Carrollton, GA, offers an annual preventative maintenance program. Your inspection includes lubricating the moving parts of your door structure and door operator. Routine servicing could get up to another five to ten years out of your door before you need to replace it, which makes the annual maintenance program worth it! 

Is my garage door secure?

There are many reasons that people opt to upgrade their garage entryway, but the sense of security it provides is probably at the top of the list. While motion sensors and automatic reverse have been around for some time, other security features have been added to protect you and your belongings from the outside world. Automatic closing and locking mechanisms, automatic lights, and backup battery packs are features that will increase the visibility and sense of security around your home. Consider these characteristics before deciding on a new garage door, and rest easy knowing you've made a better choice for your home and family.

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