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Choose the Best Garage Door Company in Powder Springs, GA

Before we begin work, we give you an estimate of the overall cost. There will be no additional charges or expenses that you didn't know about. We offer the best prices on garage door repair and garage door installation in Powder Springs.

Don't put off repairing your garage door or gate. We arrive in fully supplied trucks, ready to examine and resolve any service problem on the spot. When YOU need it, we'll be there!

Call our Powder Springs Garage Door Company today at 770-809-9793.

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Get a Quote on Garage Door Installation or Repair in Powder Springs, GA

To talk with a professional about your garage door installation choices in Powder Springs, GA, call (770) 809-9793 right now.

Garage Door Repair & Installation in Powder Springs, GA

Steel Garage Doors, Carriage House Doors, and Custom Wood Garage Doors are just a few of the garage doors we have available.

We offer a model to match your needs, whether you want a stunning Carriage House style that adds elegance and old world charm to your house, an energy efficient door that lowers energy expenses, or just a totally trustworthy garage door that is reasonably priced.

Check out some of the styles our customers have chosen in the past:

Experienced Team of Garage Door Professionals in Powder Springs, GA

Perimeter Garage Doors has been serving Powder Springs residents with garage door services since 2011. We began as a father-son company, and we enjoy providing high-quality garage door installation and maintenance to our community. In our community and throughout Georgia, we have a reputation for quality.

Perimeter employs only properly qualified technicians. That implies that before going on the road to work alone, every hired person must complete and pass months of training with a properly qualified technician. As a result, our experts are capable of fixing any garage door on the market.
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How Much Does a New Garage Door in Powder Springs, GA, Cost?

Our garage doors in Powder Springs, GA are priced according to their size, style, material, and other characteristics. The good news is that Perimeter offers the most competitive price in town, and we also provide garage door financing, which allows you to spread the expense over time. Contact our team today to learn more about our rates and payment options.
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Powder Springs, GA Customer Reviews

Kristina C.
Satisfied Customer
"On time, professional, outstanding service. I can not say enough about the excellent service we received from Perimeter. I got a quote on Wednesday and garage doors installed on Thursday. Could not ask for better service. Thank you so much!"
Tika L.
5-Star Rated Garage Door Company
"Fast, friendly and got the job done for an awesome price! Highly recommended. Devan, you are amazing!"
Cheryl T.
5-Star Rated Garage Door Company
"Excellent work! New door installed quickly without breaking the bank. Professional service."
Tina C.
5-Star Rated Garage Door Company
"Perimeter went above and beyond for us. They took last minute request and found exactly what we were looking for. They were very good at communicating with us and did a fantastic job with our garage door!"

Powder Springs Garage Door FAQ's

What's the Best Garage Door in Powder Springs, GA?

This is a frequently asked subject, and we feel that the finest garage door is the one that best matches your needs. You should select a garage door manufactured by a reputable company and installed by an expert.

We are happy to carry the industry's leading brands of garage doors and openers. We supply and skillfully install these garage doors because they provide the industry's best quality, durability, and warranties.

What Maintenance is Important for My Garage Door in Powder Springs?

Our garage doors are built to last. If you do a few simple things, you can help make sure your garage door system is safe and can last for a great many years.

Make sure that the photo-eyes in your garage door system are not out of alignment. There are infrared sensors at the bottom of your garage door called "photo-eyes." These sensors monitor to see if there is enough space for your garage door to open and close. It won't be able to close if these sensors aren't lined up right.

Make sure to check the alignment of your photo-eyes from time to time to make sure they are working properly and keeping your garage door safe.

Why Choose Perimeter for Garage Door Service in Powder Springs?

Customers in the Powder Springs know that Perimeter goes above and beyond. Our first concern is the customer experience!

From the initial phone conversation through the arrival of a Perimeter specialist at your house, you can expect nothing but the finest from our staff. Our primary goal is for you to be satisfied and cared for.

Do You Need Garage Door Repair in Powder Springs, GA?

You've just realized your garage door has stopped working, and you are now searching for garage door repair in Powder Springs, GA. The pros at Perimeter Garage Doors completely understand that you'll probably feel frustrated and anxious when your garage door is not working correctly. The good news is that our residential and commercial garage door specialists can help you with all of your garage door problems. Perimeter Garage Doors in Powder Springs, GA, wants to be the professional service team you choose to help you get your garage doors working and back to normal as soon as possible.

Perimeter Garage Doors offers 24/7 emergency garage door services in Powder Springs. Call our experienced garage door team anytime at (770) 809-9793.

What to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door Repairman in Powder Springs, GA

At Perimeter Garage Doors, we understand how critical it is to do your research before hiring a garage door company in Powder Springs. You want to ensure that the company you hire has the best technicians and materials, as well as competitive prices. If you're contemplating hiring a garage door repair service, you should consider a few things before making a decision:

  1. Confirm that the technician is qualified to work on your garage door before actually allowing them to complete any adjustments. If not, they could do more damage than good, and you'll need another repair job in a few months or years after paying for this one.
  2. You should also evaluate the cost of the service before signing any contract.
  3. Consider hiring a contractor that offers an annual service plan, which will save you money over the long term and cover unforeseen repairs and routine maintenance tasks such as greasing, lubrication, and spring maintenance.
  4. Reviews are one great way to find out how people feel about a garage door repair service or business; however, don't forget to ask for references as well! References are more personal than reviews because they come from someone you know that has used that particular company in the past. 
  5. Another thing you should discuss with potential repairmen is their availability and location. For example, if they can only come out at certain times during the day, then it may not be worth your time waiting around for hours just for them to show up. Or, if they don't work in your area, you will have to find someone else to do your repairs. Perimeter serves home and business owners in Powder Springs and many other locations throughout the state of Georgia.
  6. It is also necessary to discuss the extent of their garage door repair services with them to avoid misunderstandings or hidden charges when they come to your property to do the work. For example, one company might offer free estimates, but another might charge an extra fee for this service. When you work with Perimeter Garage Doors, you never have to worry about any hidden fees. And we even offer garage door discounts and garage door financing on our website.

How to Choose the Best Garage Door for Your Home

Selecting the right garage door for your residence may seem challenging, but the process is faster and easier than you might realize.

The first factor to consider is your home's style and architecture and what could complement it. It is also essential to consider whether you have one or numerous cars parked in your garage.

When you own more than one car, an overhead door might be advantageous because this will make things easier to reach both automobiles. On the other hand, a side-mounting doorway might be ideal whenever you only park one car in your garage.

Additionally, you'll need to measure the size and record the height of the bottom of your door from the floor. Such information is necessary when choosing which garage door opener model will work best with your new garage door.

Finally, watch out for regional discounts and special sales on garage doors in your neighborhood to save cash! Perimeter Garage Doors frequently offers special discounts to our customers.

Facts to Know About Garage Door Maintenance in Powder Springs, GA

One of the most crucial aspects of your house is the garage door. It significantly impacts curb appeal and can even affect the value of a home when you try to sell it. Many households utilize their garage door as their residence's primary entrance and departure point, raising and closing it well over a thousand times each year.

Given how vital your garage door is to your everyday life, it's evident that it will require some care from time to time. Keeping your garage door in good working condition is vital. However, you can guarantee it will continue to operate for several years by having it inspected, checked, and regularly serviced by the pros at Perimeter Garage Doors in Powder Springs, GA.

Common Problems with Garage Doors in Powder Springs, GA

At Perimeter Garage Doors, we offer top-of-the-line garage door repair services to homeowners and business owners across Powder Springs and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, sometimes garage doors can become inefficient and stop working over time due to excessive use. Here are a few common problems that your garage doors may face:

  • Improper Alignment: Garage doors often use metal tracks to move when opening or closing. If these tracks fall out of place or are damaged somehow, it can be difficult for the garage doors to move. You may need to replace the tracks in your system or purchase new ones ultimately to restore proper operation to your commercial doors.
  • Motors That Have Been Damaged: Most modern garage doors are automatic, with motors driving the cables that operate the door. Due to the motor's wear and tear from excessive use or damage, they must be replaced for the garage door to function correctly.
  • Worn-out Rollers: Garage doors have many rollers that take a beating and can become worn down over time, especially if they get clogged with dirt, debris, or other contaminants, impairing their overall performance.

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