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The average garage door opener lasts for 10-20 years, depending on maintenance practices, type of door opener, and usage. Of course, this doesn’t take into consideration the fact that technology advances quickly and garage door openers are no exception. Many people consider upgrading before the door’s lifespan because of this.

When contemplating a revamp, many people consider the iDrive garage door opener. Manufactured by Wayne Dalton, the iDrive door opener is well-known for its reliability, performance, and smart capabilities.

If you’re in the market for an updated garage door opener in Carrollton, GA, and are considering the iDrive, you’ve found the right page. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing features or call us at 678-616-2591 to get started.

What Is an iDrive Opener in Carrollton, GA?

The iDrive opener is a Wayne Dalton product that is an industry leader. The product has a trusted reputation as a reliable, high-performing, and durable garage door opener. Newer models use smart technology to offer a range of features for garage owners.

Older versions of this product can easily be adapted into a smart device with an ismartgate. An ismartgate device transforms an iDrive into a smart device with numerous features, including phone remote control and monitoring. For people who are eager to get a technologically advanced garage door opener but are unsure about the investment, the iDrive and ismartgate are great solutions.

About Wayne Dalton Products

Wayne Dalton is a trusted brand in the garage door industry. They manufacture and distribute top-of-the-line products that are superior to many competitors. With more than 2,000 employees located in 65 locations, the brand offers outstanding support to dealers.

Features of an iDrive Garage Door Opener in Carrollton, GA:

The first iDrive opener was launched in 2002 with some of the top technology at the time. Over the years, the product has expanded and advanced into new and improved versions. Read more about the features of this top-notch garage door opener below:

Industry-Leading Design

The iDrive is a self-contained box that owners mount above the door. Since there isn’t anything mounted on the garage door, there is less stress on it. This helps to reduce door failure and provides a cleaner, smoother look.

iDrive door openers are quieter than those that attach to the door. Since it is mounted separately, this eliminates vibrations and noise when the door is opened.

The iDrive device also has a soft start and stop option. This lessens the wear and tear on the door with slower opening and closing movements. It also reduces jolting noises often associated with a garage door opening or closing.

Top Safety and Security Components

There are many safety features with the iDrive garage door opener. These include:

  • Encrypted application to protect your information
  • Two-factor authentication to keep your home safe
  • A door delay button to users 10 seconds before the door closes
  • Integration with Z-Wave home controls to light the inside and outside of your home
  • An energy-efficient wireless light to boost safety at night
  • Rolling access codes to ensure a new code is generated each time the door is opened
  • Highly sensitive design that creates maximum security options

The door opener also has smart sensors to detect if there is movement while the door is moving. This helps to protect you, your family, and pets from potential danger.

Fast Performance

Newer iDrive devices are incredibly fast. The product has been known for its speed since its inception, but that continues to advance with technology changes. Depending on the product type, garage owners can expect their doors to open between 8 to 10 inches per second.

Exclusive Accessories and Options

Smart garage openers often integrate with other smart devices, such as an Alexa or a Google Home. This allows for hands-free control, a great option for busy individuals who have a million things to balance at once.

Many users create schedules for when to open and close their garage door. This option can free up time before and after work.

Phone Control

An iDrive opener can be controlled by your phone or tablet. The application allows users to open or close the garage door with a single tap. This is an especially beneficial feature for people with a lot of deliveries or who travel often.

If you need to open the door for a FedEx or UPS driver, you can quickly do so from the office. When traveling, you don’t have to be concerned with giving someone your house key or other forms of access to your home. The app allows you to let in pet sitters, cleaners, or anyone else you need to.

Some versions of the iDrive enable users to control other smart devices, such as lights or other electronics, from the same application.

Real-Time Monitoring

The application allows remote viewing. This enables homeowners to monitor their garages at any time from anywhere in the world. You can have peace of mind when traveling with a smart iDrive opener.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

With a smart garage door opener, homeowners get instant alerts and notifications if the garage door is opened. This helps homeowners quickly identify potential crimes. It is also a great way for parents to monitor what their children are up to.

How Perimeter Garage Doors Supports iDrive Garage Openers in Carrollton, GA:

At Perimeter Garage Doors, we are huge champions of Wayne Dalton products, including the iDrive. We are knowledgeable about the brand and can help with your needs, including the following:

Repair Services

The team at Perimeter Garage Doors is well-versed in garage door and opener repairs. Many people think a malfunctioning door or opener means it’s time to replace the product. But this isn’t always the case.

At Perimeter, we strive to save you money when possible! We always repair instead of replace when possible. We are proud distributors of the Wayne Dalton brand and are ready to help with your repairs!


When installing or repairing, we also provide iDrive garage door opener programming. Programming a new door opener or reprogramming an existing one can quickly become a frustrating experience. At Perimeter Garage Doors, we take that burden off of you and tackle the headache.

We’ll also ensure the iDrive is the appropriate type of opener for your garage. If not, we’ll recommend changes or improvements to ensure you achieve full functionality.


Garage door and opener maintenance is essential if you want to prolong the life of your equipment. Perimeter Garage Doors offers maintenance services to keep your doors and opener working correctly for years to come. Many potentially costly or disastrous issues are found during maintenance inspections, saving our customers tons of money.

Benefits of Hiring Perimeter Garage Doors for Your iDrive Garage Door Opener Repair Needs:

You may know of our company or be a brand new visitor to our site. No matter how you got here, you’re probably wondering why you should choose our company for your iDrive garage door opener needs. We’ve listed the advantages of working with our company below:

Family-Owned and Operated Business

Since 2011, Perimeter Garage Doors has served residents in Georgia with their garage door installation, repair, and maintenance needs. Owned and operated by a father-son duo, Perimeter has a solid reputation for providing exceptional services as one of the best servicing and installation companies in the area.

We see each interaction as an opportunity to build confidence and trust with our customers. We do this by facilitating a warm, open, and safe experience. We would love to help you with your iDrive opener or other garage door needs, so call us at 678-616-2591.

Financing and Coupon Options

We understand some customers face difficulties with funding their garage projects. That’s why we’ve partnered with Wisestack to offer financing options for eligible customers. Check out this page to understand more and start your application.

We also help customers file claims with insurance companies and offer coupons. Don’t let money concerns stop you from your garage upgrades. Please reach out at 678-616-2591 with any questions! We would love to help you find a solution and help with your iDrive project.

Customer-Centered Approach

Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority. We strive to deliver outstanding experiences during each interaction. We are here for our customers should any issues arise after the project is complete, so you can ensure you’re receiving high-quality products and services.

As a well-established company in the community, we take pride in putting our customer’s needs and safety first. We use various technologies to give customers peace of mind, such as text updates regarding arrival times and the technician assigned to your project.

Contact Perimeter Garage Doors for Your iDrive Opener in Carrollton, GA

Are you interested in an iDrive garage door opener? You’re in the right place! At Perimeter Garage Doors, we have the knowledge and experience you need to upgrade your existing garage door opener. Our team of qualified technicians is available to answer your questions or initiate your project when you’re ready.

What are you waiting for? There are many benefits of the iDrive garage door opener, as we listed above, so why not get them started now? Contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you and helping with your project.

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