Tips & Tricks

Five tips from the Perimeter family to yours for the Summer season

  1. Lubricant all moving metal parts with a penetrating lubricant. Do not use low temp grease or WD-40.
  2. Inspect the weather stripping and bottom rubber of the door. Replace if cracked or torn for a proper seal and temperature in the garage. Also apply low temp grease to the weather stripping to prevent the door from sticking to it in intense heat.
  3. Replace the batteries in the outside keypads and remotes so no one is stuck out in the heat.
  4. Check the safety eyes located on the bottom of the garage door track for obstructions and make sure they are attached firmly so the door does not get stuck open.
  5. Call Perimeter Garage Doors for a full 150 point inspection and maintenance service to ensure proper functionality and to prevent any minor issue from turning into a major issue.

Thank you for visiting Perimeter Garage and we hope you and your family have a wonderful Summer.